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Side Tours

Side Excursions

Side is a famous tourist center with its historical and natural beauties located on the Mediterranean coast. With its rich historical heritage, turquoise sea, sunny beaches, natural beauties and entertainment options, Side is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. In addition, Side tours also offer a wide range of activities, providing visitors with an unforgettable holiday experience.

Side Tours offer activities suitable for all ages and all types of tourists. Below you can find more information about Side Tours:

Side Excursions

Side is a beautiful holiday resort located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. There are many exciting excursions to explore around Side, such as visiting ancient ruins, exploring the natural countryside and enjoying water sports.

Side Day Tours

If your time is short and you want to explore as much as possible in one day, you can choose one of the daily tours from many Sides. These tours offer a variety of activities, such as visiting ancient ruins, exploring nearby cities or enjoying water sports.

Side Sightseeing Tours

Side is rich in historical and cultural landmarks. The city offers a variety of sightseeing tours that allow you to explore its rich heritage, stunning natural beauty and lively streets.

Side Private Tours

If you prefer a more personalized and private experience, you can book one of the many Side private tours. These tours are adapted to your preferences and allow you to explore the city at your own pace.

Side Cultural Tours

Side has a rich cultural heritage and you can explore it with various cultural tours. These tours cover everything from ancient ruins to local Sundays and allow you to experience the vibrant Turkish culture.

Side Nature Tours

The natural beauty around Side is breathtaking, and the city offers a variety of nature tours to explore it. These tours take you to the natural countryside, waterfalls and canyons, allowing you to experience the beauty of nature.

Side Adventure Tours

Side offers many adrenaline-pumping activities such as rafting, diving and paragliding. If you like adventure, you can book one of the many Side adventure tours to enjoy these activities.

Side Boat Tours

The coastline around Side is beautiful and the best way to explore it is on a boat tour. These tours offer amazing views of the coast, and you can even swim and snorkel in the clear waters.

Side Walking Tours

If you like to walk and explore, you can book one of the many Side walking tours. These tours cover the main attractions of the city and you can explore them at your own pace.

Side Guided Tours

Finally, if you want a comprehensive experience, you can book one of the many Side guided tours. These tours cover all the main sights and landmarks of the city, and an expert guide will provide you with valuable information about the history and culture of the city.

As a result, Side, Turkey, offers a variety of tours for tourists with all interests. If you want to explore the rich heritage of the city, enjoy water sports or experience natural beauty, there is a tour for you.

Frequently Asked Questions Customers Ask Us (FAQ)


What should I know about Side Tours?

Side is a popular tourist area located in Antalya province. Side Tours offer historical, cultural, natural and entertainment options. Tour options include various activities such as historical places tour, natural beauties tour, boat tour, bicycle tour, jeep safari, paragliding, rafting, water park visit, horse riding tour, walking tours Dec.

Which Side Tours are available?

The most popular among Side tours are activities such as Side ancient city tour, Manavgat Waterfall tour, Aspendos Theater tour, Perge Ancient City tour, Side boat tour, Antalya city tour and Pamukkale tour Dec. In addition, activities such as jeep safari, horse riding, hiking tours, paragliding, diving, canoeing and a water park are also offered.

Which Side Tours should I choose?

The tour you choose may vary depending on your holiday plans and interests. If you are interested in historical places, you can choose the ancient city tour or the Aspendos Theater tour. If you want to explore the natural beauties, a Manavgat Waterfall tour or a boat trip may be ideal for you. If you are looking for action-packed activities, you can choose tours such as jeep safari, paragliding, diving or rafting.

How long do Side Tours take?

Depending on the tour options, the duration of Side Tours may vary. Some tours may take half a day, while others may take one full day or longer.

How much do I have to pay for Side Tours?

Depending on the tour options, the prices of Side Tours may vary. However, usually different price December is offered according to tour options and duration. You can get detailed information about the prices by contacting the tour companies.

Is it mandatory to make a reservation for Side Tours?

Since Side Tours usually attract a lot of interest, it is recommended to book, especially during high seasons. So you can arrange your holiday plans in advance and make the desired tour without any mishaps during the holiday

Where's Side?

Side is a town and district of Antalya Province, Turkey. Antalya is located in the southwest of Turkey.

What is done in Side?

Many tourist activities can be done in Side. You can visit ancient ruins and historical sites, sunbathe on the beaches, swim in the sea, do water sports or explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Where to stay in Side?

There are many accommodation options in Side. You can choose from many options, such as resorts, hotels, apartments and villas. Dec.

What to eat in Side?

There are many different restaurants and cafes in Side. A wide range of food options are offered, from Turkish cuisine to international cuisine. Since the famous oranges and tangerines of Antalya are also grown in the region, these fruits are often used in desserts.

What ancient ruins are found in Side?

Side is home to many ancient ruins. Historical ruins such as the Ancient City of Side, the Temple of Apollo, the Roman Theater, the Agora can be visited.

How are the beaches of Side?

Side is famous for its long and wide beaches. It offers sandy beaches, clean water and sunbathing Jul. There is also the possibility of renting sun beds and umbrellas at some of the beaches.

What water sports are held in Side?

Many water sports can be done in Side. You can participate in many activities such as jet skiing, surfing, canoeing. There is also diving and snorkeling facilities.

How to get to Side?

There are several options available to reach Side. One of the most popular options is to make a flight to Antalya Airport and transfer to Side from there. You can also reach Side by road. Transportation to Side is provided by buses and minibuses from Antalya.

When to visit Side?

Side is usually visited by tourists during the summer months. However, it can also be visited in spring and autumn months due to the fact that the air temperatures are warmer. During the winter months, it is not recommended to visit because tourist activities are reduced.

Is it possible to shop in Side?

There are many souvenir shops, bazaars and shops in Side. Bazaars located near the ancient city sell many things such as handicraft products, jewelry, leather goods, carpets and other souvenirs. In addition, modern shopping malls are also located in Side.

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